Technology Stewardship and the PCA

If you google the word “Technology stewardship” you will find two major definitions 1) Technology used by churches to encourage financial stewardship or 2) groups speaking about using technology to advance their causes.
When I speak about Technology Stewardship I’m speaking about something of a mix of the two.
I would define Technology Stewardship by asking a question: What technological tools are you using to advance the kingdom of Jesus Christ?

I know that guys like Drew Goodmanson and even Mark Driscoll speak about using technology, but from what I gather, they haven’t spoken about technology from a stewardship perspective ( ie Matt 25:15-30).

Looking at my own denomination of churches, I see that technology is not used well. I’m not sure of the reason, and I do not mean to disregard or downplay the work that has been done. Ill be honest when I first went to the PCA website around 2001 I was impressed that a denominations site looked that good. But the site hasn’t changed much in the last 9 years.

I’m not simply talking about having a website. I’m suggesting that we see technologies such as: twitter, facebook, skype, ning, googletalk, flickr, vimeo, texts, blogs and many others as resources that God has given for the purpose of serving our King.

The PCA is a small denomination many churches are very far from each other, and yet I believe that God has handed us resources that allows us to overcome many of the geographic challenges that limit our connection and our development as a people with a purpose.

I understand that it is not a one-to-one application of the text but I do think that it merits a longer conversation on the matter to that end I propose three questions:

Should Technology be consider a “talent” or resource that God is calling his church to manage well, with the implication from (Matthew 25) that God is very upset with those who do not use it well?

How can people in the PCA help each other become better stewards of technology?

Is this just a PCA problem or are other churches and denominations not fully utilizing the resources we have been given?

Canon Cameras Dominant

I was checking Jeremy Cowart’s video about the camera equipment that he used on the passion world tour, and couldnt help but noticed that he used canon exclusively. I was looking around flickr and and came across this interesting graph:

Add to that chart the new 50D and the upcoming t1i and Canon seems to be pretty dominant.

Google Sync on your iPhone

Google just came out with a way for you to sync your contacts from google calendars to your phone using the exhange protocol. This means no more work arounds or annoying web apps on the iphone. I just followed the setup – here and it worked great.

Whats Up With the Lists?

I have heard a few people state that they are uninterested in my recent wishlist posts, probably because these folks don’t want to buy me any of the things on my list.

Here is the deal with these lists, I have like a dozen people asking me what I want for Christmas, so I thought I would make it easy for everyone.

Here is the problem, some of my readers don’t care, and the people who do care about my list, can’t find out who bought what.

So here is the solution that will please everyone= This is a program that allows you to create a wishlist that you can put up on your site, and people can access you wishlist page, on, and reserve a product from the list, so people don’t get duplicates.

for those of you who don’t care about my Christmas list, you will still want to check out this site, its a really cool idea.

Greek Text Online

RegreekMarshill’s publishing ministry just announced their free online Greek tool. If you have bibleworks, or are privileged enough to have a mac with Accordance on it than this isn’t anything revolutionary, but if you don’t have the expensive bible software, this gives you an unheard of level of access to the original language.
I have not seen any information about which version of the text it is, BHS4 is my guess.

Again I have to say praise God for Marshill and their commitment to the word of God.

See it at

Count Down to Hulu

So if you like watching tv on you computer, when you want, with a minimal ads, and you have this little thing called a conscience and would rather not steal them, than Hulu is your dream application. Hulu is a new program similar to youtube that is in beta right now, it give you the freedom to watch tv shows online for free, whats the catch two really short ads in the middle, what the benefit, you arent stealing or getting ripped off to watch a little tv.

here is a embeded clip of a recent episode of the office.

Notice a couple of things:
It loads super fast, you can embed on a page, and the quality looks really good.